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For Ages 2-8

Rainbow Lorikeets

For Ages 2-8

Ken Loses His Voice

For Ages 2-8

Detective Duck & the MES on a Case


Cockatoos are birds in the parrot family that have a crest of feathers on their heads.

For Ages 2-8

Claire Cockatoo


Galahs are found in all Australian states and are absent only from the driest areas and the far north of Cape York Peninsula.

For Ages 2-8

The Galahs


Mantises are an order of insects that contains over 2,400 species in about 430 genera in 15 families.

For Ages 2-8

Atlantis the Praying Mantis


Bugs are a type of insect species is believed to be between six and ten million.

For Ages 2-8

A Bug Named Doug


Meet the quirky characters

Photo by David Clode

Laura and Larry

Rainbow lorikeet Laura and Larry are the best of friends since they were little chicks.
They do everything together. Larry is a bit grumpy sometimes. Laura loves to take
baths and eat nectar and have lots of fun. Larry and Laura go on adventures. Harry
is Larry’s friend and he helps Larry when Larry gets into trouble. The lorikeet elders
and the whole flock of Lorikeets also try and help Larry.


Doug the Bug

Doug may be very small but he is very, very fast. He runs up and down and over everything. He meets up with his friends on weekends.

Photo by Ben Eubank


Atlantis is a Praying Mantis with smooth moves. He climbs walls with ease. Moves
his legs doing a dance without making a sound.

claire cocka too

Claire Cockatoo

Claire loves to keep herself shiny and clean. Claire eats yummy gum tree fruit and seeds. Claire has a very busy day
and flies around visiting her friends.

Ken Kookaburra

Ken Kookaburra gets himself into difficult situations. You could say he is always in a
jam. It is lucky he has lots of friends to help him. His best friend Karla Kookaburra is
good at making plans to get Ken out of trouble. His friends Elliot the Eastern Rosella,
Davey and Dotti The Bar Shouldered Dove, Bertie the Black Cockatoo, Simon and
Sam and Sarah and Susie the Scaly Breasted Lorikeet, Paul and Paulette the
Bronzewing Pigeon, Katie and Kevin King Parrot, Cindy and Clive the Crested
Pigeon, Pam and Percy the Pale Headed Rosella, Cath and Clancy the Little Corella,
Liz and Lyle Long-Billed Corella are all very helpful and they get very worried
whenever Ken is in trouble. They all do their best to find a way to fix it so that
everything is good and happy again


Greta Galah

Greta Galah is a friendly young bird and has a big family of brothers and sisters and
cousins and lots of friends. She introduces you to all of them and shows you what
they all get up to. Some of her family are very naughty and some are very good,
some are kooky and some are a bit serious. One thing is for sure there is never a
dull moment when Greta and her family are around.


Detective Duck

Detective Duck is a top rate investigator with lots of energy. He finds clues
everywhere and can put all the pieces together to find out what happened. Detective
Duck is supported by the MES (Magpie Emergency Services). Major Marty Magpie is
in charge of MES and his crew are Mark and Mary Magpie. Undercover Agent Fred
Tawny Frogmouth is good at finding hiding places where no one can see him so that
he can find out what is going on. The case they are on is to find the missing White
Headed Pigeon named Wendy. Wendy’s friends also help search. Her friends are
Bella the Blue Faced Honey Eater, William the Whistling Kite, Nellie the Noisy Miner,
Bonnie the Brown Cuckoo Dove and Karla the Kookaburra.


Parent Testimonial

Our family love kidstoryworld. Such a creative way to see nature and learn about our native animals. The stories are funny and entertaining!

Carmel Martin, Mum of 4

About Jenny

All movies were made by me in Australia on the Gold Coast Hinterland where I used to live and a South East Queensland offshore Island where I now live. I have always been in awe of and had a love for birds and animals and yes bugs too. Just because you are in awe of them doesn’t mean you want them crawling on you!!

Growing up I loved to watch David Attenborough and Jacques Cousteau documentaries. National Geographic was a favourite of mine also. As an adult, I decided one day to start photographing the birds and animals I saw. This then turned to a wish to film them. I haven’t ever done any photography or movie courses. I basically taught myself as I went along. Found out what to do and what not to do by the results I got. Big first to do, was get a tripod, as trying to make movies without is impossible, especially with wildlife, as you need to stay very still and quiet for a very long time or they will fly or run away.

I placed feeders and baths all around the property to attract the birds. I have over 3000 movies that I have made. I love watching the movies and the behaviours of the birds. Whilst watching the movie's storylines started developing in my mind. I could see it in my head! So, I bought some software and had to learn to use it myself and then I started taking little bits of movies. Maybe a minute here or 25 seconds there and then pieced them together to make the movie. I then narrated them. I didn’t write a script. I just played the movie and spoke the words I imagined the birds would be saying or the things they would be thinking.

I hope you enjoy the movies as much as I did creating them.

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 Kids nature movies filmed on the Gold Coast Hinterlands and South East Queensland offshore Islands.